How to improve English skills?

Check out 9 great series to learn English

Knowledge of a foreign language is fundamental to an academic career. Keeping up with contemporary vocabulary, slang, expressions and regionalism makes all the difference during a proficiency test, for example. Did you know that a great way to leverage your studies is to invest in series to learn English?

A study published by Erudit points out that audiovisual resources are efficient pedagogical methodologies to improve listening, reading and vocabulary in another language. This is because the image associated with the audio, with or without subtitles, helps the visualization of the context and facilitates the understanding of English.

But then, what are the best series to learn English and achieve a great result? If you still do not know, stay calm! We list the best shows for you to watch. Check out!

English Learning Series

1. Friends

One of the most well-known series in the western world is Friends. Marked by character characters, she is a sitcom that tells the life of Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Pheobe, Joey and Ross, six young 30s living in New York. During the ten seasons, the program features a number of fun, engaging and engaging dialogues about each day’s life, showing different points of view and a realistic view of life.

As you watch the series, you become more and more familiar with the jargon and contractions you use, varying your vocabulary, and understanding the words that are commonplace in American everyday life. In addition, each episode is short and formed only by dialogues, facilitating the assimilation of the story and stimulating its learning. You can start by watching subtitles in English and then review the seasons without subtitles, to fix the content well.

2. Gray’s Anatomy

For those who enjoy medical dramas and captivating stories, Gray’s Anatomy is a great series to learn English without leaving entertainment aside. Alternating between the personal histories of each character and the medical difficulties experienced by the patients, the program points out the troubled day to day of a hospital team.

Written and addressed in an inviting way, Gray’s Anatomy presents various medical and scientific terms capable of transforming any vocabulary into English. Still, during the fifteen seasons, the dialogues are easy to understand, filled with familiar expressions and neologisms, perfect to further enhance your knowledge.

3. Suits

Released in 2011, Suits is full of legal cases, sarcasms and corporate dramas. During the seasons, the series features the relationship between Mike Ross and Harvey Specter within the law firm “Pearson Hardman,” where both must deal with the legal world’s difficulties.

Suits is the perfect series to watch on quiet days, to relax the mind. While presenting in-depth dialogues about the legal universe, it is lightweight and easy to follow, making it easier for you to study and, of course, your entertainment.

By watching the program, you will easily identify verbal words and structures linked to prison life, advocacy, criminality, and US law. With this, your knowledge related to strong and legal terms is improved, ensuring a good evolution in the English language.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Developed in the same style as Friends, How I Met Your Mother is a contemporary sitcom that tells the story of five friends living in Manhattan. During the plot, the program presents the relationships of friendship and love as the main theme, especially the love life of Ted Mosby, one of the protagonists.

In this scenario, each episode represents a part of Ted’s story, setting up a second storyline in which he tells his children how he met his wife. Like Friends, the level of English is easy, as the sitcom has many dialogues, enhancing your vocabulary about social life. In addition, the topics covered are current, easily reflecting the pains and pleasures of conquering one’s life.

Moreover, with short episodes – with an average of 20 minutes each – time passes quickly and vocabulary is fixed easily, further stimulating your learning and improving your English level.

5. House of Cards

Anyone who enjoys drama and suspense, with intense conversations and full of information, should attend House of Cards. With themes like political power, strategic actions, ambition and seduction, the series shows the story of Francis Underwood and the administration of the US government. Capable of arresting any viewer, House of Cards brings a great deal of insight into formal English, political phrase structures, technical terms, and regionalisms.

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun, entertaining series that can liven up any day. After all, she tells in a funny way the daily routine of the police of the 99th Police Station in New York, with characteristic and striking characters. During the plot, Jake Peralta, Ray Holt, Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti, Terry Jeffords, Charles Boyle and Amy Santiago make up a team of clever and clever detectives who face several intriguing cases each episode.

However, although the series encompasses the police theme, all stories are told in a light and casual manner, developing dialogues full of current slang and vocabularies, arresting the attention of anyone. If you want to learn more about regionalisms, accents, professional business phrases and, of breaking, have a good laugh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the series for you.

7. Stranger Things

One of the most talked about series currently is Stranger Things, you already know? Set in the 80’s, the program mixes comedy and supernatural terror, all with a touch of science fiction and with children protagonists. It all begins with a different and mysterious girl meeting a group of friends from a rural town, leading everyone to discover frightening and agonizing events.

Stranger Things is an excellent series to learn how the phrases, songs and dialogues of the last century were structured, as well as discover new words from the scientific universe.

8. The Big Bang Theory

During this article, we talked a lot about the importance of investing in sitcoms to learn English. That’s because this style of program makes it easy – and how! – the understanding of the narrative, besides being close to what we experience on a daily basis.

That’s why The Big Bang Theory is on our list of the best series to learn English. In this show, the story tells the life of four smart friends, each one expert in a specific area of ​​physics and engineering, who meet Penny, the next waitress and aspiring actress.

In the unfolding of the plot, the protagonists put together interesting and captivating dialogues about their social and loving lives, as well as about their scientific work. In this way, you develop your linguistic knowledge by learning more about the physical and spatial universe and understand better the construction of social and romantic conversations.

9. Riverdale

If you’re interested in Stranger Things, you’ll probably like Riverdale. Filled with dark suspensions and mysterious narratives, the series tells the story of a small town that was haunted by a strange death.

The main characters are young, bringing the sense of hope and teenage struggle. However, the plot brings up pertinent everyday issues, such as women’s space in society and aesthetic and racial biases, all with easy-to-understand conversations without the aid of subtitles.

With each episode you learn a little more about the current slang, language contractions and young and criminal vocabulary, all in a mysterious and thought-provoking way. Interesting, is not it?

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