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Imagine coming to the USA after completing the sandwich master’s degree. In addition to the title of master, you carry with you, from breaking, have an international experience. There’s no denying it: this is a great upgrade in the curriculum and a huge appreciation of your professional profile.

All this can be promoted by the master sandwich. If you want to understand a little more about this possibility and what advantages it brings, then read this post to the end.

What is the sandwich master?

This name may sound a bit pointless at first, but the sandwich master is one in which the person is part of the course in USA and another part in another destination. The name sandwich is used to refer to the idea of ​​two parts – as well as the study of this type of masters.

Study time outside the country can be from three months to a year, it all depends on what was previously agreed upon and the time you need to devote to research in another country. This experience can be explored to make some subjects or even a specific research (although this modality is more common for PhD students).

This possibility is made feasible because there are partnerships with other universities and areas outside the country. For these and others, it is good to always keep an eye on and find an option that complements your curriculum.

What are the advantages of this method?

If you are still in doubt whether an opportunity like this is really advantageous or not, look now at some of them that we list.

International experience

An exchange makes a difference and so much in the curriculum. Nothing more natural, since living out of the country is always very good for your personal and professional growth. This point is a big differential in many job interviews as they show their ease of adapting to different realities and being flexible with change. last minute essay writing service

Fluency in another language

This is another gain of this type of experience – and that represents a great differential. Depending on the country chosen by you, living and studying there for some time helps to expand the vocabulary and use another language fluently. As you live with mentors, study colleagues, and people from around the world, then you are likely to be very encouraged in the knowledge of this new language.

Costs financed

Many of these transfers are funded by scholarships that partially or fully cover the time spent studying in another country. It is worth remembering that this initiative can start from the Federal Government or from the private initiative. Still, as we advance, the scholarships do not always cover all the expenses. So, make a financial planning and make your master sandwich.

Networking Expansion

Living in another country is a great way to expand contacts (and best of all: with several people around the world). This is a way to open new professional doors, but it also helps you to learn about other information, teaching methods and interesting discussions about the study. If you dream of working in another country, then know that the dream can be reached more easily for those who connect with the right people.

Who can apply?

A master’s degree sandwich should contemplate, as its name implies, masters students. Still, it is good to remember that there are also other programs that include other postgraduate courses, such as doctorate. If you’re a little lost about where to start, then start looking for programs of the type. Internet searches or informal conversations on campus already help in this direction. A good alternative also involves talking to the counselor.

If you can register, then it is good to know that you will undergo a selection process and will need to prove knowledge of the official language of the country to which you have applied. The most common way is proof of proficiency to know your level of knowledge in the language in question.

Is there anything else to consider?

We have created this topic so that you have in mind some points that you should take into account to take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Find out where to go

The sandwich master’s degree is an excellent opportunity but should be tapped in a manner consistent with your planning. So, look for a research group and mentor who will dialogue with your dissertation and so the experience will be even better – in addition to increasing the chances of approval of the CAPES grant. The choice of city is also strategic, as you may have more difficulty (or difficulty) depending on the region, lifestyle, consumption habits and other issues.

Sell ​​your project well for the advisor

It is not easy to arouse the interest of a counselor from another country for your research. Therefore, look for approaches that converge with the study of the counselor and email them to them. Another good alternative is to explore the teachers you have contact here from Brazil. That’s because several of them have international contacts and can help a lot in that regard as well!

Set a good goal

Some students change country and end up losing some focus. To avoid falling into this trap, prepare yourself accordingly. Be frank about your goal and whether it involves the job market or the academic universe, as that makes it easier to be oriented as well.

Make contacts

In addition, be careful to keep in touch even after you return to your country  – especially with the counselor from the other country. Because you are a key person in the academic world, then it is natural that it helps a lot.

After reading this text and understanding a bit more about how the sandwich masters work, be aware of the opportunities that come up and value your resume. The labor market absorbs very well who has this kind of experience.

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